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[Cannes 2019] Day 10: Watch the men fall … and the girls twerker

FDC 2019_SIGNATURES_400X400_01 © FDC Philippe Savoir (Filifox)Ass, ass, tits, boobs, ass, ass, ass, tits
Forgive us if we’re somewhat text obsessed at this time. Ass, ass! It's Cul-chiche's fault, uh, sorry … Kechiche! After the controversy surrounding La Vie d'Adele, Palme d'Or and particularly her lengthy intercourse scene – ass, ass! – between Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux, his Mektoub my love: Canto Uno had been snubbed by the Jury of the Mostra from Venice and warmly acquired by the public. Many lamented, then, the lack of dramatic stakes in the screenplay, the excessive length of a stage in a nightclub, resucée wave – breasts, breasts! – from that of his previous film, and the choice to movie his characters at the peak of the posterior – ass, ass, ass! Undoubtedly irritated by these criticisms, the filmmaker responds with provocation with Mektoub my love: Intermezzo, an anti-narrative work as potential, virtually solely filmed in a nightclub, and filming until the nausea of ​​bodies by practice to jiggle lasciviously – ass, ass, tits, boobs, sex, sex. Over a total period of 3:30, we’re entitled to 40 minutes of seashore scenes, where most characters of the first opus, bodies uncovered to the solar – and the eye of the digital camera – Ass, breasts, sex – , speaking of the whole lot and nothing, of philosophy and destiny, then 2h30 of scenes in nightclub, the place Kechiche movies the young individuals dancing, primarily the twerk – ass, ass, ass cul! – or erotic rubbing towards pole dance bars – sex, intercourse, ass, tits, sex, ass! – with just a little “breathing” in the rest room of the box for 15 minutes of sex scene, cunnilingus to be extra exact – intercourse, sex, sex! So much for the program. Ass, tits, intercourse, sex, ass, ass, ass, sex, tits, ass, QQQQQQQQQQQ … AAAAAhhhhh! Stop! We understand properly the concept of ​​Kechiche. Exhaust the viewer with this repetition of rhythms and pictures, put him in the similar state of fatigue and abandonment as the characters at the finish of their night. From this viewpoint, the movie is definitely profitable. No less than for a moment … We are shortly hypnotized by the pictures and the incessant beat of drum machines. The dances, more and more lascivious, keep a certain sexual rigidity and one logically expects to see the celebration skid. But after an hour of dancing, we begin to watch his watch, for lack of dramatic stakes. The only threads are the choice that Ophelia Bau (Ophelie Bau) should take for his future, marry as planned his fiance, still retained in Iraq, or formalize his affair with Tony (Salim Kechiouche) if he agrees to stabilize and take duty and the id of the younger lady that the young Amin (Shain Boumedine), the alter-ego of the filmmaker, will pack at the end of the night time. Céline (Lou Luttiau), Marie (Marie Bernard), another woman? Sure, it's thin … So, we reside the movie as once we accompany buddies to a celebration and we do not like to bop too much. Initially, we’re completely happy to be there anyway, and we watch the others romp on the dance flooring. But you find yourself bored stiff, like some characters, who make the weapons halfway, sketching yawn on yawn. The only passages that deliver us out of this torpor and this abyssal boredom are the exchanges between Camélia (Hafsia Herzi) and her niece, who ask themselves highly metaphysical questions like “What kind of ass do you prefer?”. It's arduous not to go crazy laughing nervously. And troublesome to take the movie significantly after that. Either we should think about that Abdellatif Kechiche makes fun of us with this good joke of three:30, or we should see a quote from the legendary scene of the seventh Art by which Bardot asks Piccoli “And my buttocks, you’re keen on them, my buttocks? “and then think about that the filmmaker ostensibly shows his contempt. We’ve got the proper to take it badly …
It’s true, nevertheless, that the title of the movie announced the shade. An “Intermezzo” is an interlude, a musical leisure that Italian authors of the sixteenth century inserted between the acts of a theatrical work more consistent. No extra no much less. However often, these intermezze weren’t interminable. Here, the period of the work is problematic, as its content material, too redundant compared to Canto Uno. We hope that the hypothetical third opus will probably be a more complicated work, filmed at the peak of the heart or the spirit slightly than under the waist …

If Marco Bellochio noticed the famous cunnilingus scene, he needed to choke with rage. Maruschka Detmers' brief, unmasked blowjob session with Federico Pitzalis in his adaptation of The Devil to the Physique created a thundering scandal during his Cannes screening in Might 1986, which earned the filmmaker and his workforce whistles, insults and protests. anger. Nevertheless, she was much more chaste and justified than the scene of Kechiche's movie, which even hindered her performer, Ophélie Bau, present on the steps, however absent from the rank of the film crew earlier than the session … Other time, other mores …
The projection of Italian director Il Traditore's new function movie was a lot quieter than Intermezzo's or the trial he described in his film, the one that, in 1986, brought down 475 members of the movie. the Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia.
Bellochio is particularly considering the man who broke the omerta, Tommaso Buscetta (performed by Pierfrancesco Favino). This Sicilian mafioso was in Brazil when broke, in the early 1980s, a new struggle between gangster clans of Palermo. Salvatore “Toto” Riina sought to increase her energy by eliminating different influential households in the metropolis. Buscetta, conscious of the evolution of the surroundings, had chosen to step again and continue its small drug trafficking in South America. His arrest by the Brazilian authorities, in addition to the dying of his two sons, murdered by order of Riina and Pippo Calò, whom he thought-about a pal, inspired him to collaborate with Decide Falcone and to say every thing he is aware of about the Cosa Nostra, his organization, the names of the clan leaders and their “soldiers”, the links between the octopus and the Italian politicians. The movie exhibits the rupture between this man of honor, respectful of the values ​​inherent in the family, and the godfathers, now extra hooked up to revenue and power. Clearly, the confrontations throughout the trial are fairly stormy between the traitor and his previous “friends”. One insults, invents, threatens oneself. Some play the card of the pseudo malaise to flee the audiences, others fake to be crazy, undressing in entrance of the public. However behind these verbal jousting and extreme conduct, the filmmaker manages to seize the humanity of the numerous characters, trapped in a system and its codes. It is certainly the most fascinating facet of the movie, with the historical restitution of this extraordinary trial, which stays the largest trick of the Italian justice in mafia circles. Nevertheless, it can be a pity that Marco Bellochio is content material with such a simple staging, such a linear narrative, whereas his newest movie, Candy goals, was a chic lesson of cinema.
It Traditore is nonetheless a great film. In addition to the alternative given to Pierfrancesco Favino to point out the full extent of his expertise, it has the benefit of not being yet one more mafia film, vaguely inspired by American classics, but a more sensible story, extra mature.

Aspect parallel sections, the pageant ends steadily.
Critics' Week has already closed yesterday, priming I lost my body Jérémy Clapin (Nespresso Grand Prix), Vivarium Lorcan Finnegan (GAN Basis Award), Nuestras madres Cesar Diaz (SACD Award) and the Icelandic actor Ingvar E. Sigurðsson for Hvitur, Hvitur Dagur of Hlynur Pálmason (Louis Roederer Basis Prize for Male Revelation).
The closing of Administrators' Fortnight was held tonight, with the screening of Yves, Benoît Forgeard. It was Alice and the Mayor, Nicolas Pariser (Europa Cinemas Label Award) and Rebecca Zlotowski's Straightforward Woman (SACD Award), who gained each in-game awards.

Some take a look at prolonged pleasure with two different films.
Once upon a time in the East (Odnazhdy v Trubchevske) by Russian filmmaker Larisa Sadilova, there isn’t any query of a western. This can be a relatively atypical adultery story between a driver and his neighbor, Anna. She typically goes to city to promote her creations, hand-knit clothes. He goes there typically for his deliveries. That's in all probability how they began their relationship and how they proceed it. However on New Yr's Eve, the truck breaks down and they fail to be stunned by their respective spouses. Anna decides that it’s time to inform their spouses the state of affairs and depart her husband to settle alone in a small isolated village. Her lover promises to hitch her, but will he really have the braveness to confess all the things to his wife? Will Anna look forward to her, with the danger that he will never be a part of her or that their couple life is just as unhappy as together with her previous husband? Or will she come again to reside together with her husband and youngsters, paying a high worth for her misconduct? Behind the tone of the film, quite mild and romantic at first look, the picture is sort of dark. The filmmaker exhibits that in small Russian provincial cities, it’s all the time very troublesome for a lady to emancipate herself and give free rein to her wishes.

Zu Feng's Summer time of Changsha is just not much happier. He follows the investigation of A Bin, a disillusioned cop who has to research a reduce hand, found at the edge of a river. After identifying his owner, he should then discover the rest of the body, and stop the assassin. He’s near the sister of the victim, Li Xue, who dreamed of the locations where the different elements of the physique are buried. This primer of black polar, at the fringe of the implausible, evokes a number of movies of the Japanese Kiyoshi Kurosawa, but Zu Feng shortly abandons the resolution of the plot to give attention to the evolution of relations between A Bin and Li Xue, who’ve in widespread a mourning troublesome to carry and a deep melancholy, but in addition between the cop and Ting-Ting, a young lady lonely and in love with him. The result’s confusing with its narrative decisions and miserable environment, but in addition seductive by its plastic beauty and fascinating staging.

See you tomorrow for the rest of these chronicles of Cannes.